Watch Provincial Assembly Election Results 2013. Watch Online Free Provincial Assembly Results to be announced on 11 may 2013. Watch Latest  Results of Pakistan Election 2013. Election commission of Pakistan has annaounced the date of General elections 2013,11 May.Provinces Punjab,Balochistan, Sindh,KPK,had announced their best candidtes related to their provinces.In the past there were three main parties in Punjab,PML-N,PPP,PML-Q.In the election of 2013,PTI is very famous in Punjab.Because voters rejected the PML-N and PPP allianced with PML-Q.Voters have a good option to support the third party PTI.PTI may attract many voters those who disliked the PPP and PMl-N.But PML-N has worked hard in Punjab,so PML-N has many voters.There will be hard competition bewteen PTI and PML-N.Sindh is second biggest provinve of Pakistan.In election of 2008,PPP and MQM were in the assembly.Now in this election PML-N is fully active in the Sindh.PML-N has made a big alliance with 9 parties.PTI is more hot party in Sindh.SO there is a excitment among  candidates from the different Parties.In KPK,all the candidates are active to get the maximum seats .The main parties of assembly,PPP and ANP belive that they will again get the maximum votes.PML-N, PML-Q, PTI, JUI are struggling in the KPK.Many of voters are unhappy due to poor performance of PPP and ANP.In Balochistan,all parties are contributing  in election of 2013.PTI,PML-N, PML-Q, PPP,ANP,MMA,BNP(A) are active in Balochistan.In the election of 2008, PML-Q and PPP got 13,13 seats.

Provincial Assembly Election Results 2013 Here:


Punjab Assembly Election Results

Sindh Assembly Election Results

Baluchistan Assembly Election Results

KPK Assembly Election Results





  1. fahadmunir says:

    PML N will be win

  2. naeem says:

    there should b big alliance between pti and pml n

  3. Muhammad iqbal abid says:

    Pakistan moslim lege nawaz zinda bad

  4. mudassar ahmad says:

    Nawz shareef, qadam barhao ham tumharay sath hain.

  5. Saeed Khattak says:

    Nawaz Sharif, this is a last opportunity for you. Nows its upto you to work for people or will go into hiding if failed to deliver.. take every step very carefully.

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