Watch Shahid Afridi Longest Six Video Highlights against South Africa in 3rd ODI Match 17th March 2013 at New Wanderers Stadium, Jhonnesburg. Watch Shahid Afridi Longest Six Video Highlights vs South Africa 3rd ODI 17-03-2013 at Johannesburg. Shahid Afridi in the 3rd ODI between Pakistan and South Africa put a splendid knock and made 88 runs on just 48 balls. Shahid Afridi’s come back with superb 34 runs in 2nd ODI and 88 runs in 3rd ODI put a break on criticizer’s tongue against him from a long period of time. He played beautiful shots all around the crease and smashed five fours and 7 sixes in his entertaining 88 runs. His fans all around the world have waited for this type of his performance from a considerable period of time. Shahid Afridi got Pakistan close to victory in chase of Hugh target set by South Africa of 344 runs and did not get feeling in viewers minds that they were chasing such a big total. But luck was not with him and he got out at 88 runs. He in his nocking performance smashed the longest sixer in the history of cricket. That sixer cross all boundaries even the grounds and came down out side the stadium on a road. He has achieved this crown along with his unbeaten 300 sixes record in the World Cricket History.

Shahid Afridi Longest Six Video Highlights:



  1. Ali khan says:

    i m very happy for Afridi to got foam back

  2. kawser ahmed says:

    only he can break his record !!

  3. kawser ahmed says:

    I love Afridi as a opening batsman !!

  4. anas khan says:

    I like boom boom

  5. Mohamed Anees says:

    i’m a srilankan but muslim. because I LOVE MY TEAM PAKISTHAN. . . . .BOOM BOOM

  6. ASAD AHMED says:


  7. ash king says:

    please get back Delhi

  8. ATIF GORSI says:

    i like afridi woh boh beautiful 6 marty hain ,love u ”lala” u r my favorite cricketer

  9. Anil says: ………<3

  10. Peer Aamir says:

    boom boom Afridi

  11. Aaqib javid says:

    Afridi is dangrous player against any team

  12. javed aziz says:

    my best player

  13. Abdullah khan says:

    Plz Shahid Bahi play with carefully and come back before world cup

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